Keeping Mercedes Benz in Shape

People who buy a Mercedes-Benz consider it as a valuable investment; after all, Mercedes is known as one of the top manufacturers of luxury cars in the world. A car of this superiority can be an indicator of a person’s prestige, success in business and distinct taste in vehicles.

These days, buying a good Mercedes-Benz is not cheap, and can cost you thousands of dollars. As such, it’s essential to consider ways that will lengthen the lifespan of the vehicle, to ensure it’s running smoothly and safely 24/7. For your benefit, we’ve compiled a list of Mercedes Benz maintenance tips that will help keep it looking and running swimmingly for an extended period:

Study the Car Manual

Before anything else, it’s important for you to read and understand the manual for your Mercedes-Benz. It may not look interesting, but it will certainly give you a comprehensive guide to navigating your vehicle and keeping it running for many years to come. In the manual, you’ll find suggested schedules for specific maintenance steps, useful suggestions for car repairs and troubleshooting, and notes on the systems in your vehicle.

Tune-up from a Mercedes Benz Authorised Service Centre

These days, not many people still use the maintenance term ‘tune-up’, but it’s still significant to improve the performance of your Mercedes-Benz. When fuel injection and electronic ignition became popular, engine settings were developed with computerised controls. Earlier versions of this type of engine allowed some room for tinkering, however these days you’d need advanced training and equipment to maintain such an engine. As such, it’s important to bring your vehicle to an authorised Mercedes Benz service centre when you’re in need of a tune-up or repair.

Indications of a Problem

It’s also important to spot indications that there may be problems with your Mercedes. Immediately investigate the source to prevent it from becoming an even bigger issue; for instance, pay attention to your oil pressure light when it’s flickering. Over time, your engine may lose oil pressure and this can be an indication that there is a serious issue in your Mercedes-Benz that requires immediate repairs.

You might hear a noise and dismiss it as being nothing but a sticking lifter, but it can also indicate that there’s an oil flow problem that may eventually damage the valves. It can be difficult to troubleshoot a flickering oil light, especially when your engine does not obviously need major repairs. Miniature oil filters, tight tolerance bearings and modern engines with hydraulic lifters require careful monitoring of oil pressure.

Because of the aforementioned, it’s best to bring your vehicle to an authorised Mercedes-Benz repair shop for even the slightest irregularity in your car. Here at German Auto Meisters, we have a team of certified and experienced mechanics who know Mercedes-Benz cars like the back of their hands.

Keep the Following Parts in Good Condition

There are components in your Mercedes that you should regularly check, even when you don’t spot any problem indicators. It’s essential to keep such parts in good condition for the overall health of your vehicle. Here are the parts you should regularly maintain:


Of course, brakes are important in keeping you and your passengers safe when on the road, however it’s worth noting that it can be expensive to keep them in good condition. Mercedes Benz brake rotors are designed with minimal thickness, which means that they can’t be fixed, only replaced. Under high temperatures, they can also be vulnerable to warping. Keep in mind that overheating is one of the most common causes of brake failure, so every six months, visually inspect the condition of your brakes. Here are some of the things you should look out for:

  • Mercedes Brake Discs – Make sure you inspect the entire surface on both sides for obvious defects or concentric scoring. If you discover issues, immediately replace your rotors. If there is discolouration on your rotors, this may be an indication of overheating. Bring your Mercedes-Benz to a certified technician for proper inspection.
  • Mercedes Brake Pads – Most of the time, these will match the rotor scoring, however it’s still important to inspect your brake pads for cracking, uneven wear or breakage on the friction surface. If you discover defects, immediately replace the pads. There are Mercedes vehicles that have pad sensors that provide ample warning for pad wearing, so please note that if yours have sensors, you’ll have to replace them along with your pads.
  • Mercedes Brake Drums – If your vehicle has brake drums, you should also inspect them on a regular basis. There should not be excessive grooves or a deep “trough” into the area where the shoes ride.
  • Mercedes Brake Shoes – These should wear evenly and rivets should not be protruding to the friction surface.

Electrical System

These days, electrical systems of Mercedes-Benz cars have become quite intricate. Manufacturers are pushing the current limits of car technology further; however electrical systems still basically have the same design as three decades ago. No matter how complicated your Mercedes’ electrical system may be, it would still pay to have an overview of how it works. In this way, you won’t find yourself unfamiliar or confused when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Maintenance Tips for your Mercedes’ Exterior

Cleaning your Car with the Right Solutions

If your Mercedes-Benz has leather seats, it’s important to regularly clean them using a leather conditioning product that’s specifically designed for such material- the same rule applies for steering wheels with leather coverings. Use a good brush with stiff bristles along with quality cleaning solution when washing your carpets, and use a regular cloth and cleaning spray when wiping down your plastic dashboard. If your Mercedes has wood surfaces or trim, use a microfiber cloth and cutting polish to keep it looking shiny and new.

Keep your Mercedes Benz under Shade

It’s advisable to park your Mercedes-Benz in a shaded area out of the sun when you’re not using it, as exposure to the sun’s harsh rays can contribute to chipping and fading of the paint. If you don’t have a garage, there are car coverings available for purchase that can protect your vehicle instead. Some car covers can do more than protecting a vehicle from the sun, such as padded covers, which can shield your car from damages caused by falling branches or light items falling onto the surface.

Wash your Car Even During Winter

A lot of car owners believe that it’s pointless to wash their vehicle during winter, but they easily forget that washing cars does not only serve aesthetic purposes. Over the winter, sand, ice, slush and road salt may build up and damage the surface of your car, so even during winter, give your car, including the undercarriage, a good wash.

Mercedes Benz maintenance may be time-consuming and complicated for some, so if you want a convenient way to maintain and repair your luxury vehicle, contact German Auto Meisters today! Bring your car to our Mercedes Benz authorised service centre and get $50 off your first service!

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