Looking to Receive a Gearbox Update?

At German Auto Meisters, we’re known for providing the top European car servicing and repairs in all of Perth. Our skilful and experienced auto mechanics are well versed when it comes to providing maintenance to luxury makes of cars. We ensure to perform our services to the utmost standards of quality and professionalism each and every time. As such, you can always expect any experience with German Auto Meisters to be a pleasurable one, for both you and your vehicle.

Amongst our range of services, German Auto Meisters provides gearbox updates for European vehicles that are in need of an upgrade. With a fully equipped facility and some of the latest technology available at their disposal, our highly talented technicians are fully capable of providing your precious automobile with a gearbox update that will improve your vehicle’s drivability by a long shot.

What is a Gearbox Update?

A gearbox update can improve your overall driving experience through allowing for the quicker and smoother changing of gears, better gas mileage, and many other things. The update is performed by experienced technicians, who utilise dealer diagnostic tools in order to update the ECU calibration file to the latest version of software. After connecting our equipment to your automobile, the diagnostic tool will verify the current TCU software version and download a more recent one from the manufacturers online server if there is one available. Once downloaded, it is then programmed to the vehicle.

How Does it Differ from a Gearbox Remap?

A gearbox remap is most often carried out when wanting to improve the performance characteristics of a vehicle. It involves extracting the data of a gearbox TCU (Transmission Control Unit), adjusting it, and then reuploading back to the TCU. This differs to a gearbox update in the way that a gearbox remap involves modifying the data, whereas an update does not. A gearbox remap also makes a more significant change to the performance characteristics of the gearbox.

Which Cars can Benefit from it?

There are many vehicles capable of reaping the benefits that a gearbox update has to offer. In particular however, we provide BMW’s with ZF gearboxes, Peugeot/ Citroen models with EGS and Mercedes with 7G-Tronic and MCT with this service most commonly. When you’re in need of a gearbox update for your prestigious vehicle, trust in German Auto Meisters to deliver unparalleled services and standards for quality. Contact us today!


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